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Corporate Clients

IFS has considerable experience in dealing with both employee benefits and corporate financial planning matters, whether your company is a small family enterprise or of PLC status.

We believe in the business of solving problems, not creating them! This means that we listen carefully to what you have to say, and only then seek to offer guidance in clear concise terms. Once a strategy has been agreed upon,  IFS will implement the proposals and provide the service you need thereafter.

The following questions will help you focus your mind on some of the issues your business may need to address:

  • Your business is increasingly successful
    What happens if a co-director/partner were to die?
  • Most firms have certain key individuals
    If you were to lose them through death or disability how would your profits be affected?
  • An employees perception of their employer is often determined by the firms employee benefits policy
    How do you ensure that the benefits which you provide are well targeted, cost effective, understood and most importantly, appreciated?
  • Both you and your business require cash.
    How do you achieve the balance between investing in your business now and securing your future, as well as that of your family?